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  1. Cut Right
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Recorded/owned by Rich Karg Music LLC
Song Of Rich Karg Jr (100%) (ASCAP)


Cut Right
Rich Karg

Two lanes, he’s driftin’ over
Comin’ at us asleep at the wheel
Time slows to the milliseconds
Oh my God is this really real

If I cut left then my baby girl
Sleepin’ in the back seat
And the love of my life in the passenger side
Are both gone goodbye
But if I cut right this is my last breath
So in the blink of an eye, in the blink of an eye
In the blink of an eye

Time stops and I see my father
We’re there playing catch in the yard
Perfect day in a perfect summer
I know this is going to be hard


Exhale I can see my daughter
All grown with rice in her hair
And in a rockin’ chair, she’s rockin’ babies
She knows that I’ll always be there…


I cut right