1. Zebra

Rich Karg

God made you kaleidoscope
It’s sad how you don’t even know you’re special
Oh zebra
Strange to see you blue
He’ll take your soul, don’t listen to the devil

That snake is always looking up
Giraffe keeps looking down
That elephant he won’t forget
So he keeps moping around
Hey, but that’s life, it’s kinda wild
Let me see you smile

Oh Lion
King of all the land
But do you really understand your power
Birds flying
You roar ‘cause you can’t reach ‘em
You’re mad they found their freedom, don’t be sour


How you gonna to rise above
This simple minded one-horse town
How will you move on from all the pain
You’ll always have to fight for love
Evil always comes around
Everywhere you go it’s all the same

The world ain’t black and white
When shades of grey come out at night do you see ‘em
There’s this thing called amazing grace
When rays of sunlight hit your face do you feel ‘em
Oh zebra