Hi, I'm Rich! My company's name is Rich Karg Music,
located on Music Row.  Thankya for stopping in.  I'm a writer/producer in Nashville, TN.  I write mostly for the country market, and strive to hear my songs go to the top of the modern major market country radio charts.  I love collaborating with other like-minded, hard-working songwriters and to help artists that I believe in craft songs that they believe in...My aim is for those songs to live on, over mainstream radio airwaves for a looooooooong time!

I regularly showcase my material around Nashville.  Check out the "shows" tab to see when and where you can see me next!

Contact me at:

**I'm proud to announce that I co-wrote, co-produced, tracked/programmed, mixed, and mastered all 10 tracks of Aaron Vance's newest album "Cabin Fever," available for streaming on all major platforms.  You can listen to it on BandCamp BY CLICKING HERE

Produced & Co-written by Rich Karg @ Rich Karg Music

*Thanks to Robert K. Oermann for his 9/23/2021 of Aaron Vance's single "Five Bucks Says" (here)

for Robert's 1/20/2021 review of Aaron's previous single "Cabin Fever."  Check it out



 *Songs below are solo-written, tracks created and mixed by Rich @ Rich Karg Music